In a Pinch // No. 15

There’s nothing like fun weekends to help remind you that you’re not 21 anymore. This week was slow and relaxing. I got nothing done on my to-do list but had lots of friend time instead. And wow, let me tell you, I couldn’t be happier. This past week I’ve been obsessed with tofu (I know, whaaaat?), coconut water, random salad combos, and Law and Order: SVU. What are some things you’ve been loving this week?! 

ONE // Tried Brandless gluten free Mac and Cheese and I have to say... I’m officially on the Brandless train. I love Brandless for random snacks and kitchen essentials! Everything is $3 and the best thing I purchased was a chef’s knife! Topped my Mac with some EBB seasoning.

TWO // Took Greek salads for lunch the first half of the week...

THREE // ...And I ended the week with lemon Brussels sprouts salad. (Wasn’t pretty but it was good! Head to my IG to see the recipe under the highlighted “Eat” tab.)

FOUR // On Wednesday I had a very meh day. Glad it was a slow week at work. 

FIVE // The prettiest wedding invites I ever did see! I can’t wait for #ScurrySquared!

SIX // Feels like Home to me.

SEVEN //  Coolest. Bedroom views. Ever. 

EIGHT // Low quality pic. High quality friend. 

NINE // Fishbowls don't quite look the same as they did in undergrad... #thatisadrinkforone

TEN // Just a gal and her kid's meal.

ELEVEN // Kitty and the City.

TWELVE // Spent Saturday at the beach and ended it with the BEST Peruvian food