In a Pinch // No. 17

Another week, another In a Pinch post that goes up late... I don’t have a great  excuse as I’ve only been working, but, y’all, it’s been non-stop. Nights, weekends, Labor Day, you name it. Throw in the flu AND pink eye and I’ve been exhausted lately... Needless to say, I haven’t been doing anything fun. At all. No cooking, no cleaning, no laundry. Ugh, is this adulthood? I truly love being busy but I’m ready for a day where I can stay in pajamas and watch a season of SVU. Ya feel me?! 

ONE // Thanks for coming to Chicago, EMB!

TWO // Gamedays are for frosé. BOOMER!

THREE // Big Wrigley gal. Big Luke fan. 

FOUR // Boot scootin' beauties. 

FIVE // Before the lightening shower and thunderstorms... 

SIX // The BEST breakfast at Yolk full of breakfast burritos, skillets, cheese grits, and Nutella crepes. 

SEVEN // Ombré mimosas with my hombres! 

EIGHT // Another week, another (few) audiobook(s) finished. This was my fav from last week! 

NINE // Peace out summer! ✌️