In a Pinch // No. 18

I realized this morning, as I was chatting with my blogger bestie, that I’ve fallen off the blogging wagon. So, I decided to hop back on!

These past two months have been pretty slow. Work, working out,  dating, getting used to the cold weather - the usual. I did throw a few fun things in the mix like watching OU Football and taking a trip out to D.C. to visit one of my dearest friends. 

The holidays are upon us (eek!) and I think I’m the only one who thought Thanksgiving was November 29... I realized last night that it’s November 22. Needless to say I’ve been living in my own little world. I’m planning a trip up north for the long weekend and we are bringing my mom’s fabulous mac and cheese recipe with us. I think I might post the recipe here as it’s such an easy recipe and everyone loves it! 


ONE // Kicking off football season with the perfect accessory - fishbowls! 

TWO // Calling for all rehearsal dinners to now be at Joe T’s.

THREE // By far the prettiest wedding I’ve ever attended. Congrats #ScurrySquared !!

FOUR // Bridesmaids comin’ in HAWT! 

FIVE // Beers, Boomer, and beads with my bestie.

SIX // “Look ma, I’m a lion!” - Georgia 

SEVEN // LV’s blog debut!!!

EIGHT // Love you both so much! Girl’s trips need to happen more often. 

NINE // Passed the Bar! It was real, it was not fun, glad that’s over. 😉